About me

Welcome to my page.

I'm Roberto Orlic.

I was born in Pula, Croatia. I finished my elementary and high school in Pula and then the Veterinary medicine at the University of Zagreb. Loving animals were always a part of me as well as photography  so even before I got my Bachelor degree I started to work as photographer in political newsweeks Globus and Nacional and I was collaborating with various foreign newspapers and internet portals (Expressen from Sweden, SETimes from USA, Panorama Polska from Canada...). Photography was always the "ticket" for me to meet people and places, cultures and different point of views. The process of taking photos is something I try to live it my way. The actual photo at the end is just a fragment of that journey... a reminder. Of course it is a product as well but when you do something that you love you really don't feel that as a job no matter how serious you are about it. It's a pleasure....an addiction to a certain way of expressing yourself.